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Routing & Shipping Instructions

All shipments consigned to:

Factory Connection, LLC
2300 Hwy 79 South
Guntersville, AL 35976

Must use the following routing instructions:

Do Not Ship Any Boxes Weighing Over 49 lbs via Parcel

  • 1-400 LBS (Less than 10 Boxes) UPS Collect 1-800-742-5877

  • Call Warehouse Manager for UPS Account Info 1-888-713-3984

  • Shippers with a CA Origin Zip 90001 – 95999

  • 401-4999 LBS (6 pallets or less) use Pacific Logistics 1-877-422-4752

  • Pacific Logistics Portal*

  • All other Shippers 401-4999 (6 Pallets or Less) click on this form and email pdf to A representative from Mode Transportation will contact you with bill of lading and carrier details. Immediate assistance from Mode Transportation: 281-456-2040

  • 5,000 LBS or More / 7 Pallets or More Call Warehouse Manager 1-256-264-9400

*After clicking the link you will be directed to the Pacific Logistics website portal. Then, click on “Create Log-in” and Enter the access code “SHIPWPLC0321” and then click “Next”

1. Mark all freight bills collect to insure that Factory Connection, LLC will be responsible for all freight charges. If you do not mark the freight bill “Collect” you will not only be billed. You will also be responsible for making a corrected bill of lading and paying the correction fee. If for some reason, you cannot locate a local terminal from the above carriers, call David Hancock - Warehouse Manager to assist you with pick-ups.

United Parcel Service    1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK UPS)

Pacific Logistics    1-877-422-4752

Factory Connection Warehouse    1-256-264-9400


2. For all merchandise shipping from you; the NMFC number and Class must be entered on the Bill of Lading.

3. For all merchandise shipping from you; the “declared value” must be left blank. Arrangements have been made with our carriers to provide coverage. If any values other than a “blank” have been used you will be charged back the excess billing from our carrier.

4. For any shipment with a purchase order marked “HOT” or “RUSH”, contact David Hancock at the above number for special routing instructions.


5. All purchase order numbers and style numbers must appear on all cartons! The purchase order number must also appear on the bill of lading (freight bill).


6. All cartons must be numbered by total number of cartons in shipment. Example: on a shipment of 5 cartons, number each carton as 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5, etc.

7. The packing slip must be on a lead carton or attached to the bill of lading (freight bill).


8. If you ship multiple purchase orders on the same day and same location, you must consolidate the purchase orders to a single bill of lading (freight bill).

9. All shippers must request that the carrier count each carton before signing the bill of lading. If your bill of lading is signed “STC” SAID TO CONTAIN, the shipper will be responsible for carton shortages.


10. All shipments are subject to be re-weighed by Factory Connection, LLC. Any shipment found to be incorrectly weighed or estimated by the shipper will result in a charge back.


11. Any deviation from these routing instructions should be pre-arranged with David Hancock at the above number.

Failure to follow these instructions will result in the following:

1 A direct deduction on your invoice taken by our accounts payable department.
2. Charge back of excessive freight charges by Factory Connection, LLC via invoices.

Steve Williams, President & CEO

C: Warehouse/Traffic Manager
Accounts Payable Department

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